Over the years, I've been given much guidance, training, and tip from various financially successful mentors.

As I look back, I realized there was ONE tip that has been responsible for the majority of my success!

I share it with you in the video below.

Eddie Espiritu



To Your Success,

Eddie Espiritu

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How do we progress towards success?

One way is to learn from and "copy" those who are more successful than we are who have the results we want!

Below is a short video from one of my mentors who I respect tremendously.  Pay attention to the tip he shares...


To your success,

Eddie Espiritu

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Mother Has Breakthrough


When we first met Jennifer, she had been trying different things to make extra money but not seen any measurable success. She was just sick and tired of struggling financially and had a dream of being a stay at home family. Here's what happend next...

I cannot put into words how proud we are of Jennifer... She did exactly what she learned through the Empower Network products, stayed plugged with our fantastic team of supportive entrepreneurs, and became our next success story!

Jennifer is one of many who commit to creating the life of their dreams through personal transformation and an online business system that really works. 

As Jennifer stated in the video above it was not always easy, and there will still be more challenges ahead in her journey to creating her ideal lifestyle.... But, this is possible for anyone through our program. We are literally creating financially free stay at home moms, stay at home dads and stay at home families.

You don't need to go at it alone!... You work closely with me, Jennifer, and many others committed to helping you acheive success through this incredible community...

Your success here is extremely simple and only a matter of time as long as you just follow what we teach and NEVER, Ever Quit!

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To YOUR Success!

Eddie Espiritu

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How to Join the Top 3%

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In this short audio clip, the late Jim Rohn shares the secrets on how to join the top 3% of the most successful people in the world.


- Eddie Espiritu

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